Hi, I'm Carly, Artist Turned Gardener

Together with my husband Joseph, we help people like you who may be new to cut flower gardening, successfully grow beautiful, design-driven cutting gardens in extra-small spaces.

I already know what you’re thinking…design-driven, but what does that even mean?

Do you dream in more than primary and secondary colors (ROY G BIV, anyone)? Do colors like soft plum, raspberry, peachy coral, frosty blue, antique mauve, fresh green, terra cotta or saffron excite and inspire you?! Well, that’s great news, because you’re in the right place. Maybe you’re an artist yourself or you’re an aspiring backyard floral designer. You want trendy and artisanal color palettes that you keep seeing all over social media. Bouquets that really wow, but seem so effortless. GREAT NEWS, you’re exactly where you were meant to be, right here with us.

Just because you may be new to gardening does not mean you have to stick to the aesthetically-boring varieties, colors, textures.

We have spent the last 7 years as a professional cut flower growers. We have planned, grown, and created tens of thousands of artisan bouquets. We have gotten really good at learning from our past experiences. We know what combinations work well together, what blooms around the same time and how many blooms a single plant will produce. We have mentored newbie gardeners throughout their cutting garden journey so that they can quickly gain the skills and confidence to grow gorgeous cutting gardens in even the smallest spaces.