Imagine Growing a Cut Flower Garden Where Every Bouquet You Made was Driven by Design

There are so many different colors and flower types to choose from, it can seem overwhelming.  This can be the most challenging step if you are new to growing cut flowers, especially if you have limited time.

The 2023 Curated Cutting Garden Color Palette Guide

Simplify the art of designing a beautiful cut flower garden. Bring beauty and inspiration back into your life.

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This Color Palette Guide Contains:


1. Three unique color palettes

The Aloha Collection, The Vintage Tea Party Collection and The Berry Sorbet Collection.

2. Plant names and varieties

Each collection is complete with plant names and varieties to inspire your gardening daydreams.

3. Plant quantities

Grow a gorgeous and abundant garden in a really small space.  You will be amazed by how many bouquets you will be able to create.

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